Saulius, Elzė and Gustė

Dad with daughters making silly faces

“The best time with children is… now, at this very moment! Splashing in puddles until water flows from her rubber boots and my daughter tells me herself that maybe it’s enough already. Reading books, even though she knows those fairy tales by heart, and corrects me if I miss a word. Making pancakes for breakfast together, and before going to bed letting her choose a story from my childhood that she’d like to hear. Were you ever a kid, what did you like to play, or were you afraid of the dark? We, the parents, and the adults, tend to attach too much importance to the daily routine, meals, and clothing, “you can do this” or “you can’t do that”. Yes, these things are important too, but not the most important. Children need to spend time together – simple, uncomplicated, open, warm time together. A presence in which a child says for no reason that they love you and share the secrets of their world. This summer, Gustė and I played a mosquito game before bed. I was the mosquito, my daughter – a Supergirl. I would lie next to her, looking at the heroine already asleep and giggling. The buzzing of a mosquito who accidentally came to visit the bedroom and my daughter’s efforts to kick it out – how many warm feelings does this simple game bring about? These mall everyday games leave the greatest mark.”