Lukas and twins Vincentas and Augustas

“I am the father of two wonderful boys. They are 4.5 month old twins who I and my wife both take care of. During the first months after birth, my wife spent almost all of her time breastfeeding the babies, and had to heal after a complicated childbirth, so I naturally took over all of the household chores that required some physical effort.

Out of all of the chores, bathing my children is probably my favourite one, since it is a very bonding and special ritual. From their very first weeks, I taught the boys not to be afraid of water by talking to them and getting them gradually used to it, until this ritual became a fun activity for both of them. Now, during bath time, I not only talk to them, but sing as well – sometimes the silliest songs that I have heard somewhere before (my wife is surprised that I know so many words). When I no longer know what so sing about, I start rapping or creating spontaneous lyrics, which turns out to be even more fun for my sons. I hope someday to teach them to swim in the same fun way.”