Audrius and Elijus

Tėtis vonioje apkabinęs dviejų metų sūnų

“The birth of a child undoubtedly brings his parents the strongest possible positive emotion that is difficult to describe in words. The birth of my son has changed my entire life, including all of my priorities – I now realize that my job is no longer the most important thing for me. Instead, this sense of responsibility and duty that I feel 24/7 is becoming my new norm and reality. All the sleepless nights are repaid in full with my son’s gleeful giggles, and all the anxiety of being a father no longer matters when I hear my baby’s happy chatter and sincere laughter. You soon realize that all of this change is for the better, since it brings so much new experiences and positive emotions. You begin changing, even though you may not even notice it yourself. Suddenly, you have to think not only about yourself and your needs, but also consider the wishes of this tiny person with whom you will create and paint a new future, dream, and do countless other lovely things you have not even thought about before… This is simply an amazing feeling, and even more so when you realize that being a father will continue bringing you endless joy!”