Adas, Gabrielė and Dominyka

Tėtis dviem mažom dukrom rodo foto kamerą

“Sometimes, when I catch myself looking at that tiny face soundly asleep, or diligently focused with their little tongue out, trying to draw another work of art, I think to myself: how can such a small person hold this much love? A person can barely form a cohesive sentence and the love is already so massive that it’s hard to even describe the feeling. One of the only ways to find out is to become a dad. Until then, you can read all the parenting books in the world or futilely try to understand why those friends of yours went loony after having children. All in vain. Other people’s children and their lessons learned are dry theories that fade away when those little aliens come into your life. Then, you banally ponder – what were you doing when you didn’t have them?

Of course, kids are not fluffy pink unicorns that you observe from a distance and revel in the pleasure of having children. Parenthood requires a lot of compromises and the abandonment of a conveniently selfish life. You always know that you have created a human being, and no one can stop you from being an overprotective dad. Although, to be fair, when you have a second child this protective instinct dulls down. You become a lot more comfortable watching your offspring rolling on the floor in a restaurant, savouring the wheel of a toy car from time to time.”