Armas and Rusnė

Tėtis parke pritūpęs prie savo vienerių metų dukrytės. Žiūri vienas į kitą

“The moment that Rusnė was born changed both me and my entire life. I believe that every man should participate in the birth of his child, and to begin bonding with him or her even before the child is born, and continue doing so with each passing day. I love being a dad, even though it is a very responsible job, full of challenging moments that make me stronger, teach me patience, how to plan my time, and how to appreciate every single hour. Rusnė helps me look at the world in a new light, with wide-open inquisitive eyes. I had somehow forgotten this feeling. But now I learn new things with Rusnė every day, and only one year has passed with her in my life. All of this would not have been possible without my wife Saulė, with whom I feel fearless and fortunate to enjoy this ongoing adventure. So, thank you Saulė, for being with me and putting up with all of my nonsense.”