Gediminas, Ąžuolas and Vasarė

Tėtis parke stumia vežimėlį, šalia eina trijų metų berniukas ir šuo

“The option of me going on parental leave was discussed between me and my wife two years ago, after our son was born. It so happened that at that time I changed my job and, frankly speaking, I was reluctant to tell my new employer that I wished to go on parental leave for a while. However, I also thought that I needed to focus on my career instead, that I should not let down my employer, and I was also fearful of what my colleagues and family members would think.

I am truly glad that, after the birth of my second child, I decided to switch roles with my wife. I see how fast my son is growing up and how many wonderful moments I had missed just because I was too concerned of “What would people say?”. After the birth of my daughter, I no longer want to worry about the opinions of others. Now, the most importing thing for me is what SHE would think.

I hope that my experience will make other men less worried about their career or the opinions of others, and inspire them to choose fatherhood.”