Arūnas, Kasparas and Oskaras

tėtis su dvynukais kūdikiais stato spalvotą piramidę

“Kasparas’ and Oskaras’ arrival into this world was very much anticipated, I was preparing for it. But now I can say that you can’t really prepare for it. It’s the most amazing thing that has happened in my life. They turned my life upside down. And you certainly can’t be ready for that, you just have to accept it and enjoy it! At first sight, it may seem easy: just feeding, rocking to sleep, and changing diapers x 2, but being a dad is the most dynamic activity that brings new emotions and experiences every day! Every single day brings something new, not yet experienced! It’s the biggest motivation to get up every morning with a smile without counting how many hours of sleep you had that night. Their first smiles, first hugs, first steps – I am beyond happy, and I enjoy every day, every moment spent with Kasparas and Oskaras. I am the happiest dad x 2!!!”