Aidas and Meda

Tėtis skaito knygelę dukrai ant kelių

“I remember how I played sports and went fishing with my dad during my childhood years. I have so many happy memories from those days swimming in the lake, and now I want to give the same experience to my own child. I want to spend as much time with her possible, to pass on all the knowledge I myself may have lacked in my childhood. I always try to get involved in all of her games. I myself don’t feel like an adult, so all those childish games and activities are sometimes more interesting to me than to my daughter.

Before Meda was born, I kept thinking about what challenges await me, will I be able to handle being a father? Now I can confidently say that I would not call fatherhood a challenge, but rather numerous life situations which always have one solution or another. And I always find a solution with the help of my fatherly instincts that suddenly appeared when I became a dad.

For me, raising a child is the greatest joy. I did not encounter any major difficulties nor challenges. Of course, the reason for this is also the mother, who loves her daughter even more. My wife and I call it “team work”.”