Ignas and Uršulė

Tėtis su vienerių metų dukrele ant rankų žiūri į apšviestą akvariumą

“When I first found out I was going to have a child, I didn’t quite realize what was coming and what a wonderful feeling it would be when I finally got to hold that beautiful little girl in my arms. That feeling was exactly what was missing in my life, but I didn’t know that until she arrived. Every day now is impressive in its own way because every day we have different adventures together and new conversations follow, although we might be speaking in different languages. Every morning begins with challenges, like what she will eat, where one of her socks has disappeared, whether I will be able to dress her up to go outside on the first try, and how long will she nap. While she is asleep, will I be able to clean up, prepare lunch for my family, and maybe even manage to squeeze in a game on PlayStation? Every night is the purest peace of mind when I see her soundly asleep. Every new day is a serotonin bomb and a new kick for me to try even more. Every day is a roller coaster – full of joy and tears, which are often from joy, also. My days now revolve around her because she is the Sun of my universe.”