Justinas, Dorotėja and Justinas

Tėtis su mažais vaikais kepa sausainius

“When a child appears in one’s life, everything turns upside down in the truest sense of this saying. When another one appears, everything falls into place, because you can’t escape from love. Having two children means twice as much love. I’m lucky because I have amazing kids. That’s probably what billions of other parents say, and you can’t blame them because it’s 100 percent true. Children change their parents. I’m different now and I’m very happy with that. I’m excited about the opportunity to grow as a dad, not just how my kids grow up. In the beginning, you’re euphoric from the idea alone that you brought a little human into the world. Then, you begin to ponder how to become an example to them, how to constantly take part in their life, so that they feel safe and loved. After all, it is important to hold their hand when they’re taking the very first steps, and it is important to read a bedtime story so that their dreams are cosy and enveloped in wonderful stories. It is important to teach and learn with them, because this is the only way to create a connection. I hope to maintain this connection for the rest of my life, now it’s my life’s “salt and pepper”. At the very beginning, all they have is you, their mom and dad, that’s their whole world. You need to realize this and let this thought sink in. Maybe you won’t believe it, or perhaps you will, but they also become everything to us as soon as we hold them in our arms for the first time. Seeing them grow and improve is the greatest happiness in life. We live in a great time. When the pace of life and work slowed down, we get to spend more time with our little ones. Will they appreciate this? I hope so. Even if they don’t, I won’t be upset because I did everything I could to be with them and for them.”