For employees

Religious practice

Your employer should have an interest in providing you with the opportunity to balance work and religious practice. The employer’s respect towards the needs of his employees boosts the confidence of employees in the organization and contributes to greater productivity.

Regarding any needs related to religious practice, it is best to openly talk to your immediate superior so that he or she is aware of them and can help you find a solution. If, due to your faith, you do not engage in certain activities, such as celebrating birthdays, it would be useful to notify your colleagues of this as well, so that you are not pressured to attend other people’s celebrations and events. Being unaware of your needs and views, your colleagues may try to involve you in their events and unintentionally make you feel uncomfortable.

The Labour Code and the Law on Equal Opportunities prohibit direct and indirect discrimination against a person on the basis of religion, so neither your employer nor your colleagues can treat you unfairly because of this. If you believe you have been discriminated against because of your religion, you can apply to the Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson, the Labour Disputes Commission, or the courts.