For employees

Part-time work

In Lithuania, the law provides for the possibility for an employee and an employer to agree on part-time work, by reducing the number of hours worked to the desired amount. Part-time work may be set flexibly: by reducing the number of working hours per day, per working week or working month, or by doing both. Part-time work can be established either for a fixed term or for an indefinite period.

An employee who has agreed to work part-time shall have the right to request to change his/her part-time work terms no more than once every six months (unless agreed otherwise). The employer must consider this request and notify the employee of his/her reasoned decision within ten working days.

Temporary part-time work

An employee who, for family, personal or other reasons, wishes to temporarily work part-time (for a maximum period of one year) shall have the right to submit a request to the employer. The employee’s request for temporary part-time work (i.e. by reducing the working day to 4 hours per day, or reducing the number of working days to 3 working days per working week) shall be satisfied if*:

  • The employment relationship with the employer lasts for at least 3 years;
  • The employee will work part-time for no longer than one year;
  • The request is filed at least 30 days before the employee begins working part-time.

The employer may refuse to comply with the employee’s request only for important reasons. An employee shall be entitled to re-submit his/her request for a part-time position only if he/she has worked full-time for the same period as he/she worked part-time.

*The above restrictions regarding part-time work and its establishment shall not apply if the employer agrees with other part-time work terms proposed by the employee, or if:

  • The employee substantiates his/her request with the conclusion of a healthcare institution regarding the employee’s state of health, disability, or necessity to care for a family member;
  • This is requested by an employee who is pregnant, has recently given birth, or is breastfeeding;
  • This is requested by an employee who is raising a child under the age of three;
  • This is requested by an employee who is a single parent of a child under the age of 14 or a disabled child under the age of 18.

These persons may return to full-time employment by giving a written two weeks’ notice to the employer, unless the employer agrees not to follow this deadline.

The employer’s refusal to allow the employee to work part-time, or the violation of equal working conditions, may be challenged by the Labour Disputes Commission.

Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania, Article 40.