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Flexible work schedule

Flexible work schedule

A flexible work schedule is a working time regime when the employee must be present at his or her workplace during specific fixed hours of the working day (shift), and may organise the rest of his or her working time by working before or after the fixed hours, and establishing flexible start and/or end time of the workday.

The employer may apply such a working time regime for one or several employees (group thereof), or all employees in the workplace. Such a schedule may apply during all or only a few days of the working week.

As mentioned before, a flexible work schedule consists of fixed and non-fixed hours:

  • Fixed working day (shift) hours, during which the employee must work at the workplace, are determined by the employer. This working time can be changed by notifying the employee at least two working days in advance.
  • The employee organises his or her non-fixed working day (shift) hours at his or her own convenience before and/or after the fixed hours, i.e. at the beginning and/or end of the working day (shift). Non-fixed hours are set by the employee himself/herself.

Example: The employer has set fixed working hours that are between 10:00 am and 15:00 pm, during which the employee must be present at his/her workplace. Non-fixed working hours may start, for example, from 6:00 am until 10:00 am and end between 15:00 pm and 19:00 pm. Specific flexible work start and/or end times must be set by the employee himself/herself.

With the consent of the employer, unused or missed non-fixed working day (shift) hours may be transferred to another working day, without violating the requirements of maximum working time and minimum rest time*, thus the employee can work for a shorter period of time one day, and for a longer time on the next day, using up the previous day’s hours.

* Working time may not exceed 40 hours per week (Art. 114 of the LC); the duration of uninterrupted rest between working days (shifts) may not be shorter than 11 consecutive hours per 24-hour period, and a weekly uninterrupted rest period shall not be shorter than 35 hours (Art. 122 of the LC).


Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania, Articles 113 and 116.