For the employer

Employer-paid benefits and bonuses

The employer may, at its discretion, grant additional benefits or bonuses to its employee struggling with family or personal problems due to a change in the employee’s family or personal circumstances. The employer’s financial support is intended to help its employee overcome his or her life problems, or to support the employee at an important time in his or her life.

Additional employee bonuses may be paid in the following cases:

  • When going on or returning from parental leave;
  • When nursing or caring for family members;
  • When getting married;
  • When having a baby or adopting a child;
  • When fostering a child or taking temporary custody of a child;
  • At the beginning or end of studies;
  • In the event of emergency or an accident;
  • In case of illness or disability;
  • In the event of the death of a family member, etc.